Our Vision Centers have agreed to work within the framework of your optical benefits so as to provide you with a full examination and prescription lenses with NO OUT-OF-POCKET expenses to you or your family if you stay within the Plan coverage. We strongly suggest you take advantage of this fine benefit. Your eyesight is a precious gift. Protect it!

EXAM: Comprehensive 11-point eye examination which includes Glaucoma testing.

LENSES: First quality lenses in glass or plastic which includes single vision and bifocal.

TINTING: Most plans offer Cosmetic tinting at NO CHARGE.

FRAMES: All locations provide hundreds of frames... in various styles, colors, and sizes.

CONTACT LENSES: All Doctors are licensed to dispense contact lenses, and, in most cases, your union benefits can be applied toward contacts.

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS: For members and their families who are not eligible or who have used their optical benefits, a 30% discount on non-covered items will be offered.

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